Warning about Amazon Marketplace seller Bobbybooks_

I’ve generally had good experiences buying used textbooks from Amazon.ca marketplace sellers.  Probably 99.99% of them are honest companies or individuals who generally provide good customer service (if sometimes slow shipping from the United States).  On the other hand, there are a very small number of “bad apples” that should probably be avoided.  One of these is the seller that goes by the name “Bobbybooks_” (with a trailing underscore).

Bobbybooks_ lists over a million books, but doesn’t actually have any of those books in stock.  Rather, when you order a book from them, they order the book from AbeBooks and have it shipped to you.  Since there’s that extra time involved in having the book ordered twice and since you don’t know where the book’s coming from, you may run the risk of your book being late if you order from this seller.  You can also imagine that Bobbybooks_’s customer service will be pretty hopeless as well.  You’ll also notice that several of Bobbybooks_’s positive reviews (the earliest ones) are all from fake people.

So, save yourself the time and hassle and order from another seller.  Or,if you do find a good price for a book that Bobbybooks_ lists, just order the book from AbeBooks yourself.  You’ll save yourself both time and money.

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